Cheap Silver

Okay, friends, chances are that you’ve arrived at this article in search of some super cheap silver to invest in.  Maybe you’re on the lookout for some cheap silver coins or a bargain silver dollar or two.  I’ll tell you what friends – right now all silver is cheap!  Take a look at this chart:

silver price chartYou see that?!  We reached a peak of almost $50 a while back, and right now we’re around $19.  Cheap Silver, right!?  “Whoa… whoa there, Mr. Silverheels!” you say.  “How do you know that $50 wasn’t the zenith just like it was in 1980?” Well, that’s a good question ya’ got there, pardner, and my answer to that is “I don’t!”  Sure 2011 could have been a “double top.”  Sure we could have hit the highs and be back in a bear market for the next 20 years or so, but I don’t think so.  There are technicians and chartists out there who might say the price is going down, and they may be right; it could go down more.  I would venture to say that the majority of chartists are being told by their charts that we are still in a silver bull market and the silver value is intact and its price will be going up.  So you want cheap gold and silver?  Well heck – you got it right now!  Get out there and buy some.  You don’t have to buy it all, just buy some.  You don’t have to sell your car or your clothes or the baby’s toys (unless the price goes lower), but buy some.

Cheap silver is here now, friends!  If you haven’t read about Silver Rounds or Junk Silver, you can head over there now learn about how you can find some even cheaper silver.  As a quick review, here are a couple of ways:

Head over to your bank and pick up some rolls of dimes, quarters, nickels and half dollars.  Depending on the dates (pre-1964 for dimes, quarters and half dollars; 1965-70 halves; 1942-45 nickels), you can get yourself some good, real silver on the cheap.  You aren’t going to find much precious in today’s coinage. (You won’t find much value in today’s dollar either, for that matter!)  Sift through the rolls of coins and you may find yourself some treasure.

Head to swap meets, flea markets, gun shows, and yard sales.  You will often find sellers of silver who sometimes aren’t aware of the value of their wares.  There are bargains to be found!

I don’t know about you but I hardly carry cash anymore these days, and I definitely don’t carry coin change often. Though I don’t believe in the soundness of our electronic, inflated currency, I will certainly take advantage of its convenience.  If you are a cash carrier, though, check your coins often.  Take a peek inside the cashier drawers.  Ask others if they’ve got any old or strange coins they want to exchange for some new, pretty ones.

Yes, silver is cheap right now, and there are a few ways for you to get yourselves some cheap, cheap silver.

PS- If you came here looking for cheap silver jewelry or cheap silver rings or pendants or such, I suggest you check out my article on the Sterling Silver Price.

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  2. silver says:

    I think I’m missing something in the translation, but your comment is beautiful nonetheless. Thank you for sharing. Please come back often and bring your friends. J.

    PS- You know, with all of the ups and downs, the stock market is certainly like our lives. Whenever I look at a chart of some stock or commodity, it often reminds me of a heartbeat on an EKG.