Silver and Gold are NOT Our Power

Hello Friends-

As we move into this long weekend, I find it important to share a couple of emails that I received from some friends of the site recently — I hope they don’t mind me sharing.  Here’s the first from C., followed by my reply:

hey joe how u doin .       just been following the silver move up steadily  in the last week or two which was nice and then yesterday we had this huge drop back may be 2 or 3 % what do you think was the reason for this everything i am reading is telling me it is still going higher but what caused the hiccup in the last 2 days or is this not unusual like i said when i contacted you before i am very new to this game   thanks take care    c.

This is sort of action is very usual, C.   Take a look at what happened in April 2011 until June 2013.  Silver offers incredible profit potential.  Along with that will come massive rapid sell-offs.  You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared for it.  As I recommend in my writing, don’t mess with any daily charts – just ignore them.  Focus on the monthly charts or weekly if you must.  I don’t plan to sell anything until the mid-$40s – whenever that comes.  You cannot worry about this stuff.  I’ve been there and will not go back.  Life’s too short.  J.

Here is a second letter from T., again followed by my reply.

Hope this finds you in good spirits! I have just finished reading “Trying to stay sane in a insane world” on The Burning Platform site. I do not know if you have read it or not but bet you have. Anyway, it goes into pretty good detail about this country’s financial situation. I have always known this and that is why I have PMs.What I want to ask you is, if these so called human beings that run this show have this much power, what is going to keep them from undermining my having PMs either by manipulating the markets for ever to their advantage, or taxing them out of all the PMs worth or confiscate them? Jim Sinclair and Bo Polny have both told me to hold on to my metals always and that 2020 is the year all this will come to a head, so hold on and sell only what you need to and save them for prosperity. What do you say? And I have always worried about how do I sell the metals when I need to and to whom? Hope I have not “bugged” you too much! I think you get what I am asking you. Thanks for all you do and I am glad I have found your site!   

Hey T!  I’ve addressed your questions in an article on my gold site:
Every once in a while I started feeling a bit helpless and despondent about the current state of affairs and about what the future holds.  I’ll indulge myself for a day or two and then realize that worry and fear are just a waste of energy.  No one knows what will happen, not even Jim S. or BoPo.  All of the analysts and forecasters have no idea either.
The metals are a form of security and a protection of our wealth, but they are just metals.  They are not our power.   Joe


First off, I want to thank C & T for sharing their questions, thoughts and concerns with me.  I don’t take this position lightly.  There are literally hundreds of chartists, analysts, and forecasters out there.  I feel like my niche in this mess of metals is to help new investors.  So again, thanks to C & T.

That said, this is not a game for the weak.  Gold and silver (or any volatile market) will drive you mad if you let them.  I find it fascinating that, I received these emails at the same time that I was experiencing a loss of direction myself (see link to our gold site above).  As I wrote in the second letter, fear and worry are a waste of time, energy and life.  Think about 5-10 years from now.  Silver and gold are many multiples higher and the government let you keep all of those not-inflation-destroyed dollars after you sold right at the peak, but you’ve been miserable this whole time.  You’ve wasted 5-10 years of your life on worry.

It’s not about the destination, everyone.  It’s about the journey, and that journey will reach great heights and plumb the nadir of despair.  That’s life!  You don’t have to enjoy it, but at least try to respect it and appreciate it.


Well, that may not be what you wanted to hear, but it’s what I need to write.  I encourage you to invest in the metals, and have fun with the metals.  Do your research, but don’t expect anyone to provide you with the “correct” answers every time.  If you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re over-invested.  Buy or sell what you need to rest easy.  Rest easy this weekend, friends.  Remember, these metals are fun to play with, but they are not our power.  Our power is limitless and formless.  It is worry-free and certainty.  Joe

PS- Please feel free to share your comments and questions here.  If you think I’m full of bologna (baloney for you purists), then lay it on me.  As always, I ask you to share our site with your friends and neighbors.  J.

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