The 1 oz Silver Eagle – A Romantic Perspective

silver eagle coinsBy now you’ve been doing your research and you’ve decided from what you’ve read and what you’ve been observing that perhaps buying some silver (maybe even some gold) would be a good idea.  You’ve determined that, despite its high volatility, silver will provide you with a form of real money; a hedge against any madness that may come our way in the future.  You’ve probably been looking at some websites at what they have to offer in the form of silver and you’ve may have even wisely made a purchase or two…?  Before you go any further, though, I’d like to recommend to you that, if you are able, you head down to your local LCS (Little Coin Shop) and check out their wares.  More specifically, the American Silver Eagles.  The 1 oz silver bars are lovely, but if your in the market for 1 oz of silver, there’s something about those silver eagle coins from your local silver eagle distributors.

Traditionally, the Silver Eagles come in plastic tubes of 20 and your LCS (or any other dealer) will want to sell you the whole tube, but you can purchase single coins.  You may have to come up with a little extra premium for smaller purchases, just so you know.  Also, depending upon the state that you live in, you may have to pay sales tax for your purchase.  Again, that depends on your state of residence.  Some will charge you unless you make a minimum purchase, say $1500 or so, and some won’t charge you at all.  Check with your LCS, your online dealer, or do a quick Google search.

Getting back to our Silver Eagle Coins…

One time when I bought a tube or two of those beautiful Eagles, the dealer at the coin shop actually dumped them out on the counter and fingered all of them up!  He probably thought he was doing me a favor by counting them, but imagine my shock and horror as he actually touched my brand new Eagles… with his bare, oily fingers…! I jest here, but to be honest, I was annoyed.  Anyhow, I encourage you to get your hands (bare or not) on an Eagle.  Really look at the beauty of its design, don’t just look, but sense its radiance and sheen.  Feel its weight and definitely take it to some hard surface, preferably wood, and “ping” it.  Hear that sound, that’s one way of testing for a real silver coin.  Let your senses take in the experience and you’ll know deep inside that you are holding real money.  How much is 1 oz of silver worth?  Well currently, the 1 oz silver price is around $18 dollars, but judging what you’re holding in your hand, the 1 oz silver value is far more than that. Real monetary value can be found in silver eagle coins.  Get yourself as many as you can.

PS- Incidentally, I plan to look back at these posts in the future and be absolutely shocked at the fact that silver was actually as low as $18.

PPS- I don’t want the intention behind this post to be misconstrued here.  There is something very real, and secure about real silver and these Eagles, but let’s keep perspective here.  There are more important things in life than these Eagles, or silver, or money.  As you’re amassing your fortune, make sure to remember to treat others well, say “thank you” as often as you can, and forgive yourself and others for everything.  Share the love!  Oh, and thanks for reading!

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